Smos and Baby Bee are a duo who started their DJ career in early '90s, when they were in the small group of DJs who were playing house music on the Belgian music scene They made their DJ name famous thanks to their funky, uplifting style, which was based on deep vocal house, dubby grooves, percussive rhythms, early UK and US house releases ( Chicago, Detroit ... ) and occasional electrofunk-disco classics.

They became residents at 'Café D'Anvers' in 1993, where they also played for 'Paradise' and 'Natural elements' from Patrick Socks and for many other parties which were organized at 'Café D'Anvers' In 2003 they were celebrating 10 years residency anniversary and you can still hear them playing there every second Saturday in a month, when they perform their famous long sets

Since 1998 until 2001 they were residents at 'Eskimo' parties in Ghent, where they always did their 'trade mark' closing sets in the house room In 2004 they released a maxi 'Don't stop' for Eskimo recordings under pseudonim Elastix and they also played at many other parties which were organized by 'Eskimo' organization ( Belmondo in SMAK museum in Ghent, Culture club, 69, Diesel U awards ... )

Between January 2001 and October 2003 they were residents in Motion room ( house room ) in 'Fuse' club in Brussels, where they together with DJ St Dic performed 'soul tech' sessions From October 2003 until September 2004 they played as residents for concept 'Colors', in Tijuana in Ghent and they also played regular gigs in 'Le Club' in Lille ( France )

They played on many occasions in all good Belgian house clubs and many times abroad and they shared the decks with plenty of famous international DJ stars ( Kenny Hawkes, Silicone soul, Mark Farina, D'Julz, Freeform Five, Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Carl Craig, Jack de Marseille, Jeff K, Serge Santiago, Tiefschwarz ... ) Every summer they've been also invited to play at some of the biggest open air festivals in Belgium ( 10 days off in Ghent, Laundry day in Antwerp, Tomorrow land, Extrema in Eindhoven, Dour festival, House Torhout ... )

Baby Bee has been announced 'DJ of the month' in British I-D magazine from July 1999 They've been voted as the best Belgian DJs at 'Ticket nightlife awards 2001' and in 2003 as 'the best national house DJs' at Belgian dance culture website 'Partyguide'

They are currently the residents at 'Make up' club in Ghent, which is one of the recent projects from the Eskimo crew The music policy is 'eclectic choice and space disco with soulful surprises' and so far they shared the decks with DJs like Baldelli, Prinz Thomas, Mark 7 and Aeroplane and Fredo and Thang.

They also play as resident DJs at café Capital in Antwerp, where the music policy is also more eclectic and variable choice of dancing tunes You can hear them there every third Saturday in a month, when they spin together with DJs like I-cube, Idjut boys, Jimpster, Dixon ...

A new release on the "Eighttrack Recordings" label will be out very soon ( May / June 2008 ) This will be under our new moniker 'SMOBEE' and includes a moster remix by none less then Nick Chacona You can already check the tracks on "". So, keep to the beat and get your hands on a copy of "Eighttrack 014"!

They compiled 2 compilations for Café D'Anvers ( 2000 and 2001 ) and brought out the following releases:

DJ Bert and Smos and Baby Bee :
( Cold Records, COLD 001, 1996 )
R.A.W. :
"Shit, Goddamn!" and "Mr. Cool" by Smos and Baby Bee, Kelvin Smits, Sebastian Kalonji
( Eighttrack, ET 001, 1999 )
Wizzards of Ooze :
( WHa? roots, , 2000 )
Max Berlin :
"Elle et moi", "Ton coeur qui bat ..." remix by Elastix
( Eighttrack, ET 005, 2003 )
Soundtroopers :
"Damn freaks", remix by K-Bonus and Elastix
( Eighttrack, ET 006, 2004 )
Elastix :
"Don't stop"
( Eskimo, Cat. Nr. 541416501210, 2004 )
Café D'Anvers :
"10 Years anniversary" compilation 2000
Café D'Anvers :
"Free vibes and Saturdays" compilation 2001
Smobee :
"Electronic Boogie"
+ remix by Nick Chacona
( Eighttrack, ET 014, 2008 )


In 2003 Smos and Baby Bee started to DJ and produce under pseudonim of Elastix The idea was to get a new name which would give them the freedom to produce music and DJ with more 'elastic' choice of music styles than they were able to do in their trade mark house sets This is what they say about Elastix :

"In our 20 years of DJ career and passionate record collecting, we got to know so many amazing artists and different styles of dancing music For longer than 15 years our DJ hearts are beating on rhythms of modern electronic music, but our music roots are going deep in jazz, disco, funk, oldskool hip-hop, breakbeats and '80s new wave and avangarde With Elastix we are on the mission to wake up some of those rare pieces from our collection, re-edit them and put them in appropriate mix with some of the newest, coolest music"

So far Elastix played free style sets together with Idjut boys in '333' club in London, with Ramon Santanas from Chicharrons in 'Rust' club in Copenhagen, at 'Luna', 'Petrol', 'Betty Ford Clinic' and 'Play' ( Café Capital ) parties in Antwerpen, 'Diesel U awards' and at '10 days off' in Ghent, while their mixes were broadcasted on Switch ( Studio Brussel )

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